Document management

PRO.FILE is a fully-fledged and powerful Document Management System (DMS). It effortlessly combines the management of structured product data with document control and the long-term archiving of technical and commercial documents.


PRO.FILE provides fast and easy access to important documents. The Document Management in PRO.FILE offers advanced search features that speed up the retrieval of documents such as contracts, correspondence, or e-mails. What's more, PRO.FILE lets you ensure that data and documents are approved and up to date. E-mails can be detached from private inboxes and assigned to the corresponding customer folder. Your benefits: data is stored only once, business processes are accelerated, and wrong decisions based on outdated documents are avoided.

Document Management in Complex Technical Structures

Document management systems for mechanical and plant engineering purposes have to exhibit certain characteristics. They need to be able to mirror the structure of projects and products in order to satisfy industry-specific document control requirements.

The term “DMStec” is often used to categorize this DMS discipline; some vendors focus on special offers in this particular field. Knowing this, companies with these specific requirements should differentiate between DMS vendors and carefully examine the capabilities of their DMS systems, as PDM and DMS provide the foundation for developing a process strategy for their product lifecycle management (PLM).

That is why DMStec manages product structures, plants, or infrastructure objects in a way that is detached of the document itself. Structures can be determined by the technical characteristics of a plant or product or by their location and there can be multiple structures that are completely independent of one another.

The challenges in Document Management:

1. Archiving


  • Drawings, contracts, letters, documents, mails have to be stored and audit-proof.
  • History of the documents lifecycle should be available at any time.
  • Documents have to be displayed, even if the old CAD system and other applications are no longer available.
  • As-built documentation must contain all documents required by legal regulations.


  1. PRO.FILE saves all data and documents in the electronic vault.

  2. The Audit trail shows the history of the document.

  3. PRO.FILE automatically saves copies in TIF, PDF, PDF/A.

  4. PRO.FILE automatically creates documentation sets for internal and external use.


  • Increased quality
  • Reduced costs
  • Accelerated process times
  • Quicker payment


2. Compliance


  • Customers demand compliance with regulations and standards.
  • The entry in regulated market segments requires the compliance with specific regulations.
  • Delays in processes must be recognized early, in order not to endanger the schedules.


  1. PRO.FILE Process management controls and secures process steps.
  2. PRO.FILE Compliance supports companies in the compliance with mandatory regulations.

  3. PRO.FILE escalation management points out exceeded schedule dates and regulates substitutions.


  • More sales by secure acting in regulated markets
  • Increased transparency and adherence to schedules in projects.


3. Document and e-mail management


  • Contracts or correspondence can often only be found with significant efforts.
  • Outdated documents result in wrong decisions.
  • E-mails, like other documents, have to be available quickly for communication with customers or suppliers.


  1. Search function, visual preview and coherent hitlists make finding easy.

  2. PRO.FILE secures the release and validity of data and documents.

  3. PRO.FILE detaches the e-mails from private mail boxes and links them to projects and customer folders


  • Creates transparency and accelerates business processes

4. High availability


  • Even a few minutes of IT system failure in a design department result in delays with serious consequences.
  • The loss of design data is the “maximum credible accident” for a high-tech company.
  • Failures at one location must not affect the other locations.


  1. With Microsoft SQL Server, PRO.FILE has an excellent platform for high availability in PLM.

  2. PROCAD develops concepts for the secure operation of PLM installations – for you and with you.

  3. PRO.FILE ETOR provides data replication with highest performance for PLM installations at distributed locations.


  • Reduced risks  
  • High transparency  
  • Accelerated data access


5. Visualization


  • Teams working at different locations require a common platform to communicate on documents.

  • Requests for publishing of documents and designs are time consuming reality for engineers.

  • A sad reality: Different departments in the same house use different viewers.


  1. With the visualization via the internal viewer, PRO.FILE users can view the same document/ design from any location at the same time and discuss redlining and markups.

  2. With PRO.FILE Viewing the user has integrated the best viewing solution as a standard for your organization. One solution fits all!


  • Significantly quicker decisions based on solid facts.


6. Change and release management


  • Changes to CAD models, drawings or documents must be traceable.
  • Usage of old versions results in extra work and reclamations.
  • Compliance with regulations becomes more and more important
  • Work results from design offices do not meet specifications


  1. Workflows with ECR, ECO and ECN document each change.

  2. The PRO.FILE version and revision management secures the actuality of the data

  3. PRO.FILE process management and PRO.FILE Compliance bring process security and transparency

  4. PRO.FILE supports the entire process life cycle including external supply chain (PLM)!


  • PLM reduces the number of change iterations
  • The quota of errors is significantly reduced