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Thanks to PROFILE, double versions of documents are excluded. One source, one truth.

Because the number of digital documents within companies is increasing explosively, good document management is important. Many companies still use the folder structure of Microsoft Windows to control project documentation. There are, however, many disadvantages to this classic way of archiving. Structures must be built up and managed manually. This takes a lot of time and is error-prone. Often problems arise when searching because documents are accidentally stored in the wrong folder or exist in multiple versions. Which document is the most up-to-date? Change conflicts or activities based on outdated information can seriously upset processes. With PRO.FILE you can take the step towards full digitalization of your document and email flows.

Document Management and DMStec

PRO.FILE Document Management bundles documents from various departments and keeps these documents complete and up-to-date


Technical documents form an integral part of your products. It is therefore essential to manage them together with your product data in one place. This creates a life cycle map that contains all the data of a specific product and that accompanies the product during its life cycle. A typical advantage of a life cycle map is that all departments have central access to one and the same data. You can even individually adjust the screens to the needs of the different departments. The advantage is that all documents are stored only once, eliminating duplicate versions.

DMStec is a specific form of document management. The approach is based on the structure of a product.
The structures of a product, an installation or a project are completely separate from the documents. Subsequently, the documents can be accommodated in these structures. This is done through references. If something is changed on a document, it happens in one central location. In other places in the system, reference is made to this one change.
DMStec helps you manage data easily and systematically. You always have the most up-to-date information and comply with all applicable regulations, for example in the field of maintenance measures, technical regulations or approval processes. DMStec also improves collaboration with customers and machine operators because you can give them exactly the life cycle folders or machine folders they need.

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