As PRO.FILE Competence Center we know the current data management challenges within the Manufacturing Industry. On this page we share our knowledge of the data management solution for the challenges that the Manufacturing Industry is facing concerning data management and digitalization.

A Product Data Backbone is the indispensable tool for your process from ETO to CTO, Smart Customization, Mechatronics and for digitizing your product data.
Our focus is your need.

Where are you now? Where do you want to go? We guide you step by step towards more efficient Product Lifecycle Management. From CAD data management to an end-to-end PLM solution.
With PLM Xpert you are in good hands for implementing the platform solutions of PRO.FILE.

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Switching to SAP 4HANA? Discover the advantages of PRO.FILE PLM for SAP !

PRO.FILE is the End-to-End Enterprise Solution for Manufacturing and Engineering Companies

If you, as a SAP user, switch to S4Hana, the engineering module will no longer be available.
This means that, in addition to the update to S4HANA, you also have to make the switch to a new engineering module (PDM). Why not take this as an opportunity and fundamentally review your PLM strategy?

  • PRO.FILE PLM for SAP was specifically designed and built for the needs of product/plant engineering and product/plant development whereas ERP are specifically built for the needs of production, purchasing, delivery and finance
  • Manufacturing and Engineering companies that are focused on building and managing complex products/plants require a PLM system that was specifically designed for their requirements
  • PRO.FILE PLM for SAP includes CAD Data Management, DMStec, PRO.CEED Application Packages and bi-directional integration with SAP ERP. It’s an all in one solution, from one company
  • Configuration vs. Customization – PRO.FILE PLM for SAP is a 100% configurable “no code” solution. This dramatically reduces your implementation cost and the TCO (Total cost of ownership) and your time to go live is measured in months, not years
  • A powerful API allows PRO.FILE customers to integrate other solutions and add apps as needed
  • We offer you a truly integrated one-stop solution (eg Connectors, DMS, PDM, Processes, Configurators) and you don't have to work with 5 different software products / companies to achieve the same result.
  • Convince yourself of the added value of PRO.FILE before switching to S4Hana. You need a budget for your migration project anyway. Investing in PRO.FILE costs less and gives you more (With our approach, you don't have to worry about hidden costs, for example caused by custom programming). Our projects are always delivered on time and on budget, giving you accurate time and cost estimate.
  • With the switch to PRO.FILE you are immediately ready for S4 because our data storage is separate and our interface is universal and bidirectional.
  • With PRO.FILE you can easily configure your system instead of programming or instead of having to run a new IT project every time you want to expand your capabilities

PLM Xpert is your partner to guide you in the rollout of your PLM strategy thanks to:

  • Our knowledge of - and experience with replacement projects
  • Our master plan for your project
  • Applying proven methodologies results in good results
  • Our projects are always delivered on time and on budget, giving you an accurate time and cost estimate.
  • Configure instead of programming

The switch to S / 4HANA means that PLM / PDM has to be implemented again.

Use this forced move to rethink your PLM strategy ...

... and take another critical look at the chosen PLM / PDM software.
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