As PRO.FILE Competence Center we know the current data management challenges within the Manufacturing Industry. On this page we share our knowledge of the data management solution for the challenges that the Manufacturing Industry is facing concerning data management and digitalization.

A Product Data Backbone is the indispensable tool for your process from ETO to CTO, Smart Customization, Mechatronics and for digitizing your product data.
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Where are you now? Where do you want to go? We guide you step by step towards more efficient Product Lifecycle Management. From CAD data management to an end-to-end PLM solution.
With PLM Xpert you are in good hands for implementing the platform solutions of PRO.FILE.

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Manage plant design in PLM? Is that possible?

The solution is the PRO.FILE-SMAP3D integration module

The PRO.FILE-SMAP3D integration module for managing SMAP3D Piping deliverables and synchronizing item data and metadata between PRO.FILE and SMAP3D Piping design components.

Manage your SMAP3D data with PRO.FILE

PRO.FILE is known as a multi-CAD PDM/PLM solution and supports the most important MCAD and ECAD systems with high-quality integrations. Due to the increasing need to integrate SMAP3D Plant design data into the PRO.FILE data backbone, SMAP3D and PLM Xpert have realized the high-quality integration. The PRO.FILE SMAP3D integration manages data from the module SMAP3D P&ID, SMAP3D Piping and SMAP3D Isometric. In this way PRO.FILE makes the management of all process design data an integral part of the product data flows and the engineering process

Smap3D Piping software from Smap3D Plant Design GmbH for the automated planning of complex 2D/3D piping systems of any kind, based on the 3D CAD systems SolidWorks, Solid Edge and Inventor.
Smap3D modules P&ID, Piping and Isometric provide the design of installation, equipment and machine construction in one environment. To enable a consistent, efficient development process, we have optimally integrated solutions for managing all SMAP3D data in the Product Data Backbone of PRO.FILE.

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PRO.FILE is the databackbone of all your data.
With the PRO.FILE integration for SMAP3D Plant Design, it literally forms a backbone for your product data and documents. Together with your plant design data from SMAP3D, your mechanical design data and construction dose (TPD) documents also come together here

Full functionality to manage the SMAP3D P&ID and Piping Iso design data in PRO.FILE. The value

  • PRO.FILE CAD functions directly from the SMAP3D P&ID user environment
  • Automatic creation and transfer of product structures and bills of materials from SMAP3D in PROFILE
  • Opening (sub)projects and taking over project structure from SMAP3D in PROFILE
  • Filling the framework of P&ID drawings with the data from PRO.FILE.
  • Supporting revision-, version- and changemanagement
  • Check-out / check-in wizard for file-lock / unlock.
  • Synchronization of newly developed components in SMAP3D between PRO.FILE and SMAP3D.
  • Synchronization of component masterdata, based on user authorization and workflow, for processing logistics towards ERP
  • Synchronization with PRO.FILE part classification
  • Deliverables from SMAP3D chaeck in automatically to manage within PRO.FILE
    (Isometric drwaings, cutting lists, welding lists, BOM lists, etc)

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