As PRO.FILE Competence Center we know the current data management challenges within the Manufacturing Industry. On this page we share our knowledge of the data management solution for the challenges that the Manufacturing Industry is facing concerning data management and digitalization.

A Product Data Backbone is the indispensable tool for your process from ETO to CTO, Smart Customization, Mechatronics and for digitizing your product data.
Our focus is your need.

Where are you now? Where do you want to go? We guide you step by step towards more efficient Product Lifecycle Management. From CAD data management to an end-to-end PLM solution.
With PLM Xpert you are in good hands for implementing the platform solutions of PRO.FILE.

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When your current PDM has reached the limit of its capacity....

Your current data management system is 'end-of life' or no longer meets your wishes and requirements.
For you as a user the question now arises: How do I want to deal with my product data in the future? You want to keep and migrate the existing data. But where to?
Is replacing your current PDM system a threat or an opportunity?
We say: Take that opportunity
It is the time to tackle new challenges and fulfill business objectives. A moment to really start managing and controlling your data flows.

If you run into these issues:

  • The existing PDM system is no longer being developed, limitations are slowing down the organization
  • Development path for new Windows Operating Systems is missing
  • Other CAD systems come with -Multi-CAD, electrical engineering, electronics
  • New branches are being added
  • No high-quality integration with ERP possible with the current PDM system
  • Process management and project planning are becoming a necessity

Then we are your partner to guide you in the transition.

  • Experience with a large number of replacement projects
  • We have the master plan for your project
  • The migration proceeds through proven methods with good results
  • Configure instead of programming

Migration of data is safe with PRO.FILE:

  • with the right tools for migrating and validating the data
  • meets strict requirements
  • maintains consistency
  • guarantees completeness
  • goes fast-without interruption

Replace SWX Workgroup PDM?

Future-oriented switching

Workgroup PDM will no longer be supported after Solidworks 2017.
Source: 08/2018.
Switching to a new system including a migration project is inevitable.
The future-oriented successor to SWX Workgroup PDM is the PRO.FILE Quick Start Package

Even if you want to start small, it is smart to switch to a digitization platform with a future: the Product Data Backbone from PRO.FILE. With our Quick Start Package, you will be working in your usual way within a few days, with the only difference that your system can now be expanded step by step - without an extensive migration process.

Just from SAP CAD Desktop to ECTR?

... or take another critical look at your PDM software and use the upcoming switch to S / 4HANA as an opportunity to rethink your PLM strategy.

SAP users with development and engineering as their core business have special requirements for Product Lifecycle Management and PLM systems. Their PLM strategy must be aligned with S / 4HANA so that they are well prepared for the migration to this new SAP ERP suite.

Engineering companies using CAD Desktop for CAD integration with SAP's PLM module may soon have a problem. CAD Desktop only works in combination with SAP's current ERP suite, which will be phased out from 2025. Its successor S / 4HANA does not support CAD Desktop. All SAP users must therefore switch to the new product line and we advise them to carefully review their PLM strategy. Maintaining data about customers and suppliers is very different from managing the development of a product throughout its entire lifecycle. Each process is supported by its own system and should stay that way in the future.

As a PLM specialist, we know what a PLM platform in a SAP environment must meet and why it is better to opt for a dedicated PLM system. Those who choose PRO.FILE also immediately have an integrated DMStec. This is essential, because if the data relevant to a product (including those in documents) is not linked, PLM is not possible. When switching from CAD Desk to PRO.FILE, all you have to do is activate the interface when migrating to S / 4HANA.
More about choosing the right PLM / PDM solution when moving to S / 4HANA

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