As PRO.FILE Competence Center we know the current data management challenges within the Manufacturing Industry. On this page we share our knowledge of the data management solution for the challenges that the Manufacturing Industry is facing concerning data management and digitalization.

A Product Data Backbone is the indispensable tool for your process from ETO to CTO, Smart Customization, Mechatronics and for digitizing your product data.
Our focus is your need.

Where are you now? Where do you want to go? We guide you step by step towards more efficient Product Lifecycle Management. From CAD data management to an end-to-end PLM solution.
With PLM Xpert you are in good hands for implementing the platform solutions of PRO.FILE.

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From ETO to CTO

Wondering how to switch from ETO to CTO?

You notice that the market expects you to realize variety at lower prices and shorter turnaround times. The pressure on the organization and especially on the Engineering is increasing and capacity in that area is not easy to expand. Failure costs and delays are lurking. To cope with these challenges, you can opt for a different process strategy; from ETO to CTO.
Introducing CTO is not simply entering a configurator. Automation will first have to be preceded by organizing and structuring! An important part to get started with CTO:
Choose the right tool.

We help you to:

  • Use one system to manage all your CAD data and product related documents.
  • Be confident that all your variants are well documented.
  • Access your change history at the touch of a button.
  • To be able to automatically sent bills of materials to the ERP system.
  • You can safely exchange complete assemblies with external companies.

A well-known method is the classification of the extent to which the customer specifications affect the business process by means of the so-called customer disconnection point.

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    Here you will find more information about archiving, compliance, document and email management, high availability, visualization and change management
  • Product Data
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  • Processes
    Here you will find more information about Compliance, Change Management, Workflow & Process Management
  • Projects
    Here you will find more information about Authorization & Control, Document and email management, Project management, PROOM, Global Cooperation
  • Lifecycle
    Here you will find more information about Product life cycle management
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