As PRO.FILE Competence Center we know the current data management challenges within the Manufacturing Industry. On this page we share our knowledge of the data management solution for the challenges that the Manufacturing Industry is facing concerning data management and digitalization.

A Product Data Backbone is the indispensable tool for your process from ETO to CTO, Smart Customization, Mechatronics and for digitizing your product data.
Our focus is your need.

Where are you now? Where do you want to go? We guide you step by step towards more efficient Product Lifecycle Management. From CAD data management to an end-to-end PLM solution.
With PLM Xpert you are in good hands for implementing the platform solutions of PRO.FILE.

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We work modern and in networks - mobile and always online. But does this mean that we actually work digitally?

Digitalization, the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 change industry and industrial production. The development of technical products is becoming more and more complex due to the ongoing digitalization. Disciplines such as mechanics, electrical engineering and software development are therefore increasingly difficult to coordinate. They all depend on each other and must therefore be regarded as a coherent whole throughout the life cycle.

Let us help you to determine the digital future of your product data
Product and Document Lifecycle Management can no longer be ignored in this. Together with the product data it forms the foundation for digital processes. The Product Data Backbone enables companies to fully embrace Digitalization and implement seamless digital processes for their production operations.

We work with teams on products and projects, but do we share the same data?
Take the next step. Talk with us about the digital future of your product data!
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