PRO.FILE is a leading PDM/PLM and DMS solution for the management of product and development data as well as other documents. PRO.FILE allows you to collate your product-related data and documents in an intelligent information warehouse and make them available throughout your company.

 PRO.FILE gives you easy access to your technical specifications and sketches, 3D CAD models, design drawings, bills of materials, e-mails, Office documents, and commercial documents at any time and from anywhere.

PRO.FILE easily fits into your IT-environment thanks to high level integrations with all leading CAD,ERP and CRM systems.

All of this is based on state-of-the-art Product Data Management (PDM), a secure electronic vault, compliant processes and workflows, and comprehensive security measures.

You will never lose track of who is developing or modifying what, when, and why. This results in more transparency, efficiency en collaboration within the organization,as well as externally.