PRO.FILE Configurator

Who is our product for? What does the configurator offer?

Our solution is the PRO.FILE Configurator. A central benefit promise for your product configuration is speed. That is why, with the PRO.FILE Configurator, the processes for managing variants can be accelerated by a factor of 5 to 20. Safe and stable.

You can use the software along the entire value chain of your company. From order acquisition to order processing:

  • Your marketing can easily advertise variants in the WEB, better than with catalogues
  • Your sales department can sell variants more quickly - and place more offers
  • Your engineering can design variants faster, both standard and special

Unique are the consistency of the solution, the industry independence of the technology and the authoring system for self-maintenance of the software.
Thanks to the PRO.FILE Configurator, our customers work error-free. They can automatically offer and manufacture tailor-made products and their product variants - even for "batch size one".

Configurate directly in 3DCAD and PLM? Watch our product video in CPQ+E !

CPQ - Configure Price Quote

The software for configuring complex products

The PRO.FILE Product Configuratpr is a CPQ software (Configure - Price - Quote) that supports your sales team in preparing quotations. With this CPQ solution both your sales staff and your customers can be guided through the entire quotation process and receive a quotation in the shortest possible time. Starting with the product configuration (Configure) via the pricing or price calculation (Price) up to the finished quotation document (Quote) in your own company layout.

Easy integration
The PRO.FILE Product Configurator is capable of generating all data for the entire business process of order processing, in the sense of "Engineering Automation".

The PRO.FILE Product Configurator will be integrated into your existing IT landscape and forms the link between your existing systems.

An advantage with the PRO.FILE Product Configurator is that no duplicate data records are created, because we access the existing data, configure it and return the data without a system break. This ensures consistency and maximum increasement of your business processes - error-free and valid.

Read more about our CPQ solution:

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