3x3 Philosophy

3x3 this formula aptly expresses the PLM Xpert philosophy: simple, secure, efficient. These principles apply to every aspect of our business. Whether you are looking at our PRO.FILE solution, the customer service offered by PLM Xpert BV or at our many years of project experience - 3x3 is our success formula for your business!

We ensure you an effortless system and application integration throughout the Product Lifecycle Management process. You will benefit from efficient development processes powered by a modern software architecture, highest technical standards, and comprehensive services.

Our PRO.FILE solution includes a modular design, a multitude of system interfaces, and intuitive usability. This makes the implementation a fast and secure process and ensures its smooth and reliable operation. Our highly qualified team will be at your side every step of the way.

We will provide you with comprehensive support and services for the lifetime of the software. The PRO.FILE Management Console provides the means you need to customize the operation of your PLM solution and to adapt it to changing requirements, saving you time and money.

1. Simple

Professional simplicity – users and administrators in your company benefit from the straightforward introduction of our PRO.FILE solution, from its intuitive usability, and the many services that cover the lifetime of the software.

Simple product:

  • Standardized integration with CAD and ERP 
  • Short click paths, less clicks
  • Modern user interface

Simple introduction:

  • Ready-to-use service packages
  • Work breakdown structures
  • Self-service through the PRO.FILE Management Console

Simple operation:

  • 24/7 support portal
  • Phone support center
  • Software support contracts: hotline, support, and update guarantee

2. Secure

Comprehensive security – rely on the mature functionality, systematic introduction, and operational stability of our PRO.FILE solution. You can always count on us to deliver expert support and comprehensive services.

Secure product

  • Software expertise from PLM Xpert
  • Certified integration with CAD and ERP

Secure introduction

  • projects "in time" and "in budget"
  • Project managers certified by the German Association for Project Management
  • Over 15 years market experience

Secure operation

  • Modern SOA architecture
  • Standardized core system
  • Focus on Windows environments


3. Efficient

Better efficiency – benefit from the modular design, the ease with which it is introduced, and the reliable operation of PRO.FILE. What's more, our comprehensive support and services will help you cut costs.

Efficient product

  • Modular design of the software
  • Pre-configured software modules
  • Hassle-free customization of the user interface

Efficient introduction

  • Pre-defined templates, forms, and workflows
  • Self-service through the PRO.FILE Management Console
  • Very low learning curve for users and administrators

Efficient operation

  • Self-service through the PRO.FILE Management Console
  • Support contracts for customer-specific adjustments

4. Best Practice

You can count on your PLM Xpert project manager to give you first-class support.

Your project manager is also your primary contact and consultant for all matters relating to your PRO.FILE solution – from the day you purchase the software until it is up and running smoothly.

For PLM Xpert, service does not end with the delivery and installation of the software. A dedicated PLM Xpert project manager will be at your side every step of the way for your very own PRO.FILE solution. He or she will assist you in defining your business processes and in implementing them with PRO.FILE and will always be on hand for your technical and organizational questions, and beyond.

PRO.FILE Best Practice Starterpack

Challenge: Companies experience problems with managing endless data folders and controlling the in CAD structures. All these companies are eager to start with a Data Management solution but are sceptical about the duration of the implementation.

Solution: The PRO.FILE Best Practice Starter Pack is the smart approach for a smooth implementation in a short time. The Best Practice approach is based on a standard and pre-designed database with the possibility to adjust or expand it at any time.

Benefit: The advantage of the Best Practice approach is the very short implementation time with maintenance of all of the basic functionalities of PRO.FILE such as, consistent file storage, smart search/find, project management, classification of documents and products, authorization and re-use of items.

5. Support ProSTEP PLM Openness

De Codex of PLM Openness (CPO) is a ProSTEP iViP initiative. The goal is to realize a clear definition of the accessibility in PLM systems among users, manufacturers and service providing companies.

PROCAD's and PLM Openness

PROCAD GmbH & Co KG supplies for over more than 25 years, as an independent manufacturer of Product Lifecycle Management, an open PLM solution which integrates data- and document management with CAD, ERP and CRM.